Valentina Schulte - The Birds

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Valentina Schulte - The Birds

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Limited edition pigment print on cotton rag.
50cm x 50cm (Unframed)
1st Edition framed in chocolate wood grain box frame. All prints come with white border.

From the series 'Náttsól: The Resignation of Night'

All life, humans, animals and organisms alike, rely on sunlight to sustain their existence. Without consciously realising it, the rotation of the Earth and the resulting fluctuation in the luminousness of the sky influences this natural rhythmic pattern and coordinates our biology and behaviour. It is because of the entrainment of these light-dark cycles that we know when to sleep, when to eat, when to nest and when plants know to grow tall and strong. This pattern is known as our circadian rhythm. It’s ingrained in us for our entire lives on Earth, but what happens when these cycles cease to exist? Inspired by the Icelandic landscape and the omnipresence of it’s midnight sun, Náttsól: The Resignation of Night considers the disruptive effect Iceland’s constant 24-hour daylight has on the natural environment and the animals and humans who inhabit this surreal place.

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