Quirky Bones

Jennifer Hesketh, otherwise known as 'Quirky Bones', is an Australian Artist originating from Wagga Wagga. Her work is largely inspired by Victorian Gothic subculture as well as the rural landscape of Wagga Wagga. The iconography and symbolism of the Victorian culture has given her many sources of her inspiration, as she tends to find a majority of her work being surrounded by animal and human anatomy. 

Having studied a Bachelor's in Creative Industries (Animation), Jennifer found herself transitioning into photography in her second year, which saw her artistic practice grow. Her work consists of creating with Gesso Paint, Acrylic Paint & Posca Markers. She also tends to use different recyclable materials, which she feels like provides her work with a new visual language. When asked about her workspace, Jennifer stated that she can create almost anywhere! - Including train journeys. 

Being able to commit to her art full time is the dream, however, currently Jennifer is also managing a retail store in Surry Hills. She hopes to explore the notion of wearable art pieces as well as moving into the Tattoo Industry in the near future.