Rosalind M Bunting

Rosalind’s vividly rendered landscapes span touristic vistas, majestic mountain ranges, pastel hued pastoral scenes and rugged hinterlands, bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to the distinctly Australian environment. Motivated by a desire to capture the ‘magic’ of the natural world, Rosalind takes a wholly immersive creative approach; producing her works from direct experience en plein air (in the open air) as a fulcrum for translating something of that magic to her work.

Her sophisticated practice reveals a deep reverence for traditional principles, which she combines with an avid passion for an evolving signature style. Recently shifting focus towards the Australian landscape tradition, Rosalind is also a highly accomplished figurative and portraiture artist, notably exhibiting as a 2014 finalist in the prestigious Portia Geach Memorial Prize for her work ‘Self-Portrait of a young woman questioning’.

A Blue Mountains native, Rosalind’s commitment to attaining a strong technical foundation and early interest in the craft of realist oil painting has since taken her round the globe. At seventeen, she left Australia to study a Diploma of Drawing at the celebrated Florentine atelier Charles H. Cecil Studios, furthering her studies with a Diploma in Painting at Sydney’s Julian Ashton Art School upon her return, where she was awarded the school’s Brett Whiteley Scholarship. 

From her time in Florence, Rosalind keenly adopted the philosophy that it is ‘difficult to capture life from something that isn’t living’ - preferring to have her subject in front of her canvas to ensure a sense of immediacy and spontaneity suffuses her images. Rosalind’s landscapes are painted directly (straight on in colour and often on tinted wood to establish a general temperature, as the plein air time frame prohibits layering. Certainly not without its challenges (being at the mercy of the elements, juggling shifting light and subjects in constant motion), Rosalind loves the highly intuitive and at times adrenaline inducing nature of the process. 

Rosalind typically approaches these works by first immersing herself in the environment – seeing, smelling, touching and listening to the sounds of the landscape both as a means of inspiration and to ground her focus. “Painting plein air means my workspace is limitless, and I find this rather exciting. My Julian French Travelling Easel and a backpack with the usual necessities is all I need to pile into my car and then I can set off on another painting adventure. There are a lot of Plein air artists in Australia, it has a huge tradition in this country, so I often get recommendations on good painting spots I also look at landscape works by Australian artists that I admire, like Roberts, Streeton and Conder, and try to track down the places where they painted.”

Rosalind takes commission enquiries for both landscapes and portraiture. Contact us at to find out more. 

Rosalind is currently living in NYC working as a scenic artist. (Delivery of works however are not effected by this.)