Tanya Wales

Tanya Wales intentionally has no reference to guide her works – choosing instead to paint intuitively; responding and acting upon an experience or feeling. The techniques she uses guide her methods and practise, using a combination of pouring, transparent layers, fine brushwork and painterly marks. The nature of this work and its many stages means she is usually working on several pieces in parallel. 

The paintings take on and ultimately express these processes in their energy and tension, bringing to mind a playful celebration of painting itself. The stories they tell allow the viewer the opportunity to embark on an alternate reality – one where colour and form dominate over any reference points we may think we know.

The energy in each piece is derived from the tension between the colours & shapes that form the subject of the work. Through the application of transparent layers, overlapping shapes & surface detail, Wales aims to build and portray a unique character with a natural flow, intriguing ambiguity and spacial illusion, allowing different interpretations by each viewer.

Tanya’s years of painting experience culminate at the point when the viewer can pause, engage, reflect and enjoy the artwork at hand: this is her ultimate challenging moment.