Taylor Conacher

Taylor Conacher creates illustrations reminiscent of fairytales, but with a dark heart beating at the core. Her works stride a line between the melancholic and ethereal, often exploring weighty themes in a dream-like and somewhat surreal manner.

Taylor works with charcoal and lead pencil on paper and timber, creating both incredibly detailed drawings and loose sketches. All explore the subject's inner psychology, and vicariously the viewer's own inner thoughts and feelings.

In some of these works, Taylor has focused on human interaction with the natural world, depicting humans and animals co-existing in close proximity. In one work, a bird nestles into a girl's hair; her bun has become it's nest. Taylor wanted to explore our co-dependency with nature through these symbiotic hybrids.

In other works, Taylor focuses on the complexities of relationships. Overall themes of identity, introspection and grappling with our sense of self feature predominantly in Taylor's psychologically explorative drawings.

Taylor is currently studying a Bachelors of Architecture at UTS.

'The Female Cosmology' Series

'Oil & Ink' Series