Victoria Garcia

Pattern is central to Victoria Garcia’s work. For Victoria, pattern is not merely decorative, it is conceptual. She proudly states that there are ‘no repeats’ in any of the patterned designs within her works. Instead Victoria’s organically created patterns are idiosyncratic and reflect the real life variations of natural patterning.

Victoria is a Sydney based freelance textile designer as well as an artist, and has created textile prints for Peter Alexander, Lisa Ho, Marnie Skillings, Ginger & Smart and Karen Walker. Her textile experience is of course reflected in her exploration of patterning in her art.

'Surrocodelia,' the title of Victoria's current working series, is an amalgamation of the art and aesthetic movements Surrealism, Rococo and Psychedelia. The inclusion of these aesthetics is visible in Victoria's pattern choices for these works.

Victoria is fascinated by European "cabinets of curiosity" (or "kunstkammer") of the 17th century, and she explores the concepts of collection and display through this series of works. Kunstkammer were gentlemen's collections of exotic and special objects (such as corals, gems and animal relics, like a narwhal tusk or rare pelt) which were often fashioned into art pieces and displayed in cabinets or rooms which were fully immersive environments. These collections intended to reflect the endless wonder of the world and illustrate the owner's own cultural prowess and knowledge of the exotic.

In her most recent works for Art Pharmacy, Victoria presents a single pattern accompanied by an animal.

This one to one juxtaposition speaks to the interaction of the city and nature, as these animals rub shoulders with man through the cultural phenomenon of pattern. In one case, a leopard is represented twice in the single image; its skull is contrasted with a leopard print. Here visceral reality comes up against man-made simulacra.

Victoria's work has been published in a book by Princeton Architectural Press and will also start blogging for the New York Textile Arts Centre soon.

$10k Art Start Grant from the Australia Council
Sir William Dobell Foundation Award for Drawing

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